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WebResource.axd error gzip



I have been using your module for some while and worked fine until at some stage started an logging error, with the consequence of blocking other javascript
With the chrome developer tools I figured out the error coming out from WebResource.axd..

So I disabled the MbCompression and worked everything fine. Without the compression i was able to figure out what was the WebResource.axd file and found out that it is actually a Microsoft ASP.NET Resource not mine..

What or how should I do to fix this? What am I missing to do with the module?

Attached is the Microsoft WebResource javascript

Thanks and Regards

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n3moncic wrote Feb 27, 2013 at 1:13 PM

something else that I noted is that even if I exclude the WebResource.axd from being compressed it would still result the error. Now I think I can fairly say that the module perhaps doesn't exclude WebResource.axd?
Has anyone encountered with such errors?